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Development, construction and operation of logistics platform refer to the logistics park, port terminals, distribution center, international shipping center and business logistics center developed, constructed and operated by Xiangyu Co., Ltd. In this way, we are going to effectively unite logistics, business and manufacturing enterprises for industrial cluster effect by sharing business flow, logistics, information flow and cash flow on the network platform, integrate social logistics resources, reduce the integrated logistics cost and provide integrated logistics services as a third party.


Major clients


Holding and shareholding companies
Xiangyu (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Xiangyu Steel Supply- chain Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Xiangyu Int’l Logistics Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Xiangyu Logistics and Distribution Center Co., Ltd.
Quanzhou Xiangyu Logistics Park Development Co., Ltd.
Longyan Xiangyu Logistics Park Development Co., Ltd.
Xiamen International Logistics Center Development Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Xiangyu Gaoshang Property Service Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Xiangyu Logistics Development Co., Ltd.
Fuzhou Xiangyu Logistics Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tangshan Xiangyu Zhengfeng International Logistics Co., Ltd.
 Tianjin Xiangyu Liye Logistics Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Container Terminal Group Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Modern Terminal Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Xiangyu Cloud Warehousing & Logistics Service Co., Ltd.
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